ЖЕНАТА МИСТЕРИЯ ЗАД НАЙ-ГОЛЯМАТА СВЕТОВНА БИНАРНА СХЕМА Е РАЗКРИТА ЕВРОПЕЙСКИ КОРЕСПОНДЕНТ Света на бинарната търговия вече опозна и изпитва страх от Израелският гражданин, създателят на цялата една индустрия, Илан Цоря. Мъжът отговорен за стотиците брандове в световен мащаб, измамил хиляди хора и управлявал най-подлите схеми в историята, днес е издирван от властите в Continue Reading
The mystery woman behind the world’s biggest binary trading scam revealed The world of binary trading has learned to know, and fear, Ilan Tzorya, the Israeli-born Bulgarian citizen behind the industry’s biggest scams. The man who has been in charge of hundreds of brands worldwide, scamming thousands of people and running what is perhaps the […]Continue Reading
The 3 foreign nationals are accused of scamming main street investors, including vulnerable individuals, through a binary options scam The USA Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged 3 foreign individuals – Gil Beserglik, Raz Beserglik and Kai Christian Petersen, with the deception of American investors, including retirees, causing them to lose tens of millions of Continue Reading
An Israeli lawyer working for the District Attorney bought a house with her brother’s dirty fraud money. Buying a house is every young Israeli couple’s dream. Getting said house from a loving brother sounds too good to be true. But sometimes such beautiful gestures, hide darker motivations and connections than might first meet the eye. […]Continue Reading