ways, according to a recent report published by the London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, a unit in charge of Financial Fraud and Cyber Crimes. The criminals are adapting to new technologies as is clearly reflected in the frauds committed in 2019. Traditionally UK Fraudsters used to favor pension frauds. The victims were easy targets, […]Continue Reading
South Korean Authorities Arrest 12 Men for Operating a Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Targeting the Elderly Authorities in South Korea, have exposed what may be one of the most elaborate financial criminal rings discovered in recent years. The Seoul Special Judicial Police Bureau for Public Safety arrested 12 people, who operated two synchronized companies, charging them […]Continue Reading
Serious Fraud Office (SFO) Charges Russell Maher, of Forex Brokers Limited (FBL) with Fraud Broker Russell Maher, of Forex Brokers Limited (FBL) has been charged by the NZ Serious Fraud Office (SFO) with fraud in an Auckland court last week. Maher, who served as the sole director of Forex Brokers Limited, used the firm as […]Continue Reading