Less than a year before the 2020 Olympic Games, as doping scandals threaten to spoil the event, certain IOC members target the Anti-Doping Agency. With less than a year left before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Summer Games kick off, yet the excitement and thrill usually associated with the games, are overshadowed by a long string […]Continue Reading
The IRS sets its sights on more than 10,000 cryptocurrency users who failed to report income and pay their taxes. In late July the IRS began sending emails to over 10,000 taxpayers who may have ‘forgotten’ to report and pay income taxes for income received in cryptocurrency, in what is a change of attitude and […]Continue Reading
The international criminal mastermind, facing charges in numerous European countries, vanished into thin air. How did one of the most notorious scammers in recent history manage to evade arrest? Ilan Tzorya, the Israeli-born criminal mastermind, has been nicknamed by police officers who have been tracking his crimes for years as the ‘Smooth Criminal’. Tzorya’s name […]Continue Reading