FinTelegram: The Evil Brain behind the Operation

New revelations show that behind the fraudsters running the site – as reported last week – hides a darker, sinister .

The connection

the site many of turned to for our financial news for a while, is turning out to be a real bed of worms. As reported last week, the site that has been posing as an investigative site, was in fact managed and run by three convicted fraudsters his romantic partner and their long-time partner in crime .

However, further investigation has revealed that much darker forces are running the show behind the scenes. As revealed in ’s reports to the , one of the main entities behind the company, an entity identified by the company itself as PSC (Person with Significant Control) of is a company by the name of , a which operates as a one-man show of the mastermind .

– “one-man show”

Tzorya, an Israeli-born international , who has recently been linked to the Blu Bit Banc (BBB) Scam (for which its CEO was sentenced to a 7 year prison sentence earlier this month), has been called by some the ‘Smooth ’ for his ability to charm his victims with his elegant manners and eloquence, as well as for his ability to evade prosecutors across the world time and time again, leaving his partners to take the fall for his elaborate criminal schemes, while he remains on the run. Tzorya has been involved with extremely violent crime families across the world (, , and just to name a few), and has been suspected of a wide array of crimes spanning from extortion, theft, and ’ scams around the world.

As our investigators discovered, Tzorya has used as a vehicle to promote his crimes, in many ways and forms. This part of the breath-taking story (all backed up with documents and evidence of course) of the ongoing that is , will be featured in the third, and final, part of our investigative series next week.     

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