After the 26 European Central Banks’ controllers demanded Facebook will answer questions regarding their planned ‘Libra’ cryptocurrency, Singapore’s Central Bank calls for a global coordinated approach After a rocky start to its cryptocurrency launch, the last month seems to be the hardest one yet for the Facebook’s Libra currency. Earlier this month, the French Finance Continue Reading
French Finance Minister delivers about to Facebook’s cryptocurrency aspirations in the OECD cryptocurrency conference The OECD Cryptocurrency conference provided cryptocurrency fans around the world with a fair share of interesting speeches and news. The most interesting, and perhaps controversial, speech of them all, was the one delivered by French Finance Minister, Bruno Continue Reading
ways, according to a recent report published by the London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, a unit in charge of Financial Fraud and Cyber Crimes. The criminals are adapting to new technologies as is clearly reflected in the frauds committed in 2019. Traditionally UK Fraudsters used to favor pension frauds. The victims were easy targets, […]Continue Reading
The truth about EFRI, Werner Boehm’s most despicable scam and its surprising recent resurfacing. All online investors are familiar with the fear of scamming and deception. The new technological advancements brought about new and exciting opportunities – from binary trading to cryptocurrency – that are ripe for the taking by those brave enough to dare. […]Continue Reading
Europe’s securities watchdog lifts the temporary ban, allowing EU member states to form their own independent regulations. Are we at the start of a new era for binary options trading in Europe? The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has announced on July 1st that it will not renew the EU-wide ban that it has […]Continue Reading
Convicted fraudster and his partners in crime are the secret owners of ‘investigative’ website FinTelegram! Werner Boehm, the infamous disgraced former CEO of BitRush, has disappeared from the public eye since his conviction for fraud, embezzlement and money laundering by a Canadian court and his dismissal from the company he managed. As we reported last […]Continue Reading