The truth about EFRI, Werner Boehm’s most despicable scam and its surprising recent resurfacing. All online investors are familiar with the fear of scamming and deception. The new technological advancements brought about new and exciting opportunities – from binary trading to cryptocurrency – that are ripe for the taking by those brave enough to dare. […]Continue Reading
Convicted fraudster and his partners in crime are the secret owners of ‘investigative’ website FinTelegram! Werner Boehm, the infamous disgraced former CEO of BitRush, has disappeared from the public eye since his conviction for fraud, embezzlement and money laundering by a Canadian court and his dismissal from the company he managed. As we reported last […]Continue Reading
Disgraced former BitRush CEO Werner Boehm, suspected of forming new criminal enterprises in Europe. Warning to all investors operating in the European markets, an old and menacing criminal is allegedly trying to make his way back into the game. Werner Boehm, former BitRush CEO who was found guilty of serious ongoing criminal activity by the […]Continue Reading