ways, according to a recent report published by the London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, a unit in charge of Financial Fraud and Cyber Crimes. The criminals are adapting to new technologies as is clearly reflected in the frauds committed in 2019. Traditionally UK Fraudsters used to favor pension frauds. The victims were easy targets, […]Continue Reading
A ‘Too Good to Be True’ investment through a shady trader turns bad, leaving young couple broke and heartbroken. Nick Yeomans and his wife Josie thought they caught their big break. The couple’s Bitcoin investment garnered great returns, tripling in value in six months. But the trader they have invested their money with, coinexx.org, shattered […]Continue Reading
British scammer who operated a fake Bitcoin trading platform, stealing $50 M from investors before disappearing, pleads guilty in a Brooklyn court. In a Brooklyn court British citizen Renwick Haddow, admitted to operating a fake bitcoin trading platform that defrauded thousands of investors worldwide, in an elaborate con that left him with more than $50 […]Continue Reading