FinTelegram – Mean, Clean Vendetta Machine

Exclusive: The owners of use the site to even out their personal vendettas.

, as has been revealed in our ongoing series of exposés, is by no means the “crowdsourced financial intelligence” outlet claims to be. On the contrary, as has been laid out, the site is owned by a number of notorious financial , led by and , who use the site for their own devious ends.

One of the most despicable ways the site is being used by its owners is as a mean of applying pressure on their adversaries while trying to manipulate ongoing investigations and obstructing justice. Many of the people often “reported” on by , are in fact former partners of their owners, who have had a falling out with the owners, with some of them making some well-grounded allegations against the owners, which are being investigated by various police agencies around the globe.

As will be shown in this special report, was used to personally defame these former partners, while distancing the owners from the relationship between the sides, and the crimes that they have allegedly committed on numerous occasions. Out of tens of different cases examined in our investigation, many suspicious cases in which this method was used were exposed, and we have decided to bring forward two of the most blatant ones we came across – the case of and the case of – to demonstrate just how systemic and vicious are FinTelegram’s owners in their ways.  

The people behind Fintelegram – and

The Method

The method used by the owners of FinTelegram is simple. They identify individuals who they have worked within the past and have accused them of committing crimes or refused to cooperate with their ways and turn FinTelegram on them. The site is used to systematically lay out false allegations against them and highlight their involvement in actions – which for the great part were committed under the instruction of or in cooperation with, one or more of the owners of the site, while distancing the owners from the crimes committed and individuals mentioned.

The systematic defamation is used to pressure their former partners into concealing whatever endeavours they were either of or made privy of in their joint work while also discrediting any evidence they might provide to the authorities by unjustly smearing their names – thus obstructing justice. Tzorya, Boehm and their partners often overflow the site with endless “reports” portraying their and former partners, who are for the most part law-abiding citizens, as dangerous .  

Case #1 –

, one of the key figures in the publicly-traded company and , has a long history with one of FinTelegram’s owners . Toledano collaborated with Tzorya on various projects in the past, and the latter has been a part-owner of many of Toledano’s companies.

As time went by, their relationship went sour. At first, Toledano woke up one morning to discover that Tzorya has transferred his shares, in an illegal fashion – without notifying the board or the authorities – to one of ’s most notorious , head of a feared crime family operating from . Shocked, he tried confronting Tzorya about it but received nothing but threats from his former partner. Not long later, Toledano has discovered that Tzorya has sold him shares in another company – in which he had no stake in while putting on a false pretence presenting himself as the sole owner of the company.

Enraged, Toledano demanded to be fully reimbursed of his or else he would file a lawsuit against Tzorya. Tzorya, seemingly unmoved, told Toledano that he will return no money and that if he will continue ‘causing trouble’ his name and reputation will be dragged through the mud and Tzorya will make it his lifelong project to ruin his businesses one after the other.

Not long after the threats were made, Toledano and his companies began appearing in ‘reports’ published in FinTelegram. Within a few months, no less than 8 articles were published about Toledano, defaming him and his companies. No mention of Tzorya or his ties to Toledano were made in any of the articles published.  

Case #2 –

, is a renowned tech executive with a reputable background in the and in various fin-tech companies. Several years ago, Lenhoff worked closely with , one of the owners of FinTelegram, during the latter’s time as the head of . As Boehm’s activity in the company became shadier, their relationship became strained. As Boehm’s troubles deepened, ultimately leading to a trial which he and his partner in life and crime (who also serves as a co-owner of FinTelegram) faced before ultimately being convicted for misleading his board and investors, holding fraudulent negotiations and trying to replicate the site in order to run a copy of it independently for his own personal profit. Following the conviction, Lenhoff chose to sever their relationship and keep his distance from Boehm, who he felt has betrayed his trust.

Lenhoff’s reasonable decision was not seen favourably by Boehm, who has made him a personal enemy of his. His feelings towards Lenhoff, led to an extensive vendetta, that can be seen best by examining the articles published by FinTelegram. Since FinTelegram began running, it published the gobsmacking amount of 106 (!) articles mentioning Lenhoff, often accusing the respected businessman of absurd crimes and ludicrous ties, going to great length to defame him and tarnish his reputation. None of the 106 articles published about Lenhoff in FinTelegram mentions the extensive professional and personal relationship he had with – one of the site’s owners. 

Fin telegram – being used by its owners


As can be seen by the cases we brought forward, FinTelegram is being used by its criminal owners to promote their personal vendettas, stopping at nothing to threaten, coerce and defame former partners, turned , while distancing the owners from the and their crimes in an attempt to discredit their and vindicate themselves. FinTelegram is nothing more than an elaborate, evil, instrument of extortion and obstruction of justice.

In the upcoming weeks, we will continue our in-depth investigation into that , hoping to prevent it from misleading and damaging anyone in the future.

We call on the law enforcement agencies around the world, to investigate the matter and will, of course, be willing to share any information we have with any such efforts.

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