An Israeli lawyer working for the District Attorney bought a house with her brother’s dirty fraud money. Buying a house is every young Israeli couple’s dream. Getting said house from a loving brother sounds too good to be true. But sometimes such beautiful gestures, hide darker motivations and connections than might first meet the eye. […]Continue Reading
The truth about EFRI, Werner Boehm’s most despicable scam and its surprising recent resurfacing. All online investors are familiar with the fear of scamming and deception. The new technological advancements brought about new and exciting opportunities – from binary trading to cryptocurrency – that are ripe for the taking by those brave enough to dare. […]Continue Reading
Following a reader’s tip, the fleeing criminal was spotted in a conference in Bangkok Thailand. Following our recent publications, asking the readers to help locate the wanted international criminal Ilan Tzorya (the man behind the Bluebit Banc Scam, Binex, Dreamopay, CrowdWIZ, ZoomTrader, GFS, …….and the FinTelegram Scam), FinLeaks has received a number of tips from […]Continue Reading
Convicted fraudster and his partners in crime are the secret owners of ‘investigative’ website FinTelegram! Werner Boehm, the infamous disgraced former CEO of BitRush, has disappeared from the public eye since his conviction for fraud, embezzlement and money laundering by a Canadian court and his dismissal from the company he managed. As we reported last […]Continue Reading
The Blu Bit Banc (BBB) binary options’ scam led to the indictment of its CEO Blake Kantor, but newly discovered documents suggest the masterminds behind the scam managed to mysteriously avoid prosecution. The Blu Bit Banc scam, shocked the world of binary options’ investments in 2018. In November 2018 Blake Kantor (aka Bill Gordon), head […]Continue Reading