New series of reports will shed light on the way some of the biggest platforms facilitate ongoing Binary Trading scams around the world. The world of Binary Trading has been plagued with scammers trying to exploit hopeful investors and defraud them of their hard-earned money. Authorities have been fighting the scammers fearlessly, shutting down fraudulent […]Continue Reading
Following a reader’s tip, the fleeing criminal was spotted in a conference in Bangkok Thailand. Following our recent publications, asking the readers to help locate the wanted international criminal Ilan Tzorya (the man behind the Bluebit Banc Scam, Binex, Dreamopay, CrowdWIZ, ZoomTrader, GFS, …….and the FinTelegram Scam), FinLeaks has received a number of tips from […]Continue Reading
A ‘Too Good to Be True’ investment through a shady trader turns bad, leaving young couple broke and heartbroken. Nick Yeomans and his wife Josie thought they caught their big break. The couple’s Bitcoin investment garnered great returns, tripling in value in six months. But the trader they have invested their money with,, shattered […]Continue Reading
The international criminal mastermind, facing charges in numerous European countries, vanished into thin air. How did one of the most notorious scammers in recent history manage to evade arrest? Ilan Tzorya, the Israeli-born criminal mastermind, has been nicknamed by police officers who have been tracking his crimes for years as the ‘Smooth Criminal’. Tzorya’s name […]Continue Reading
How did Israel become a safe haven for French scammer elite?! Israel found itself in recent decades becoming a growing safe haven for criminals from around the world. Often all it takes in order to find refuge in Israel is Jewish lineage, a fact many criminals – from Australia to Russia and just about anywhere […]Continue Reading
British scammer who operated a fake Bitcoin trading platform, stealing $50 M from investors before disappearing, pleads guilty in a Brooklyn court. In a Brooklyn court British citizen Renwick Haddow, admitted to operating a fake bitcoin trading platform that defrauded thousands of investors worldwide, in an elaborate con that left him with more than $50 […]Continue Reading