Special Series – Platforms of Evil Part 1

New series of reports will shed light on the way some of the biggest platforms facilitate ongoing Binary Trading scams around the world.

The world of Binary Trading has been plagued with scammers trying to exploit hopeful investors and defraud them of their hard-earned money. Authorities have been fighting the scammers fearlessly, shutting down fraudulent sites, using carefully written algorithms to tilt the trading in their favor – often costing the investors terrible losses. Despite the authorities’ crackdowns, like a crazy ‘whack-a-mole’ game, it is usually a matter of time before the same fraudulent sites appear, under a different guise. But how do they do it? How do the same people, manage to use the same algorithms, to open new fraudulent sites while similar sites they have previously operated are being shut down by governments around the world and they themselves are wanted criminals?

Airsoft trading platform – Finleaks
Panda trading platform – finleaks

An anonymous tip sent to FinLeaks has given us the first thread of information regarding the evil system that operates behind the scenes, facilitating the scams and profiting from the crimes being committed. I have spent the last weeks researching the dark world of some of the world’s biggest trading platforms and white-brand creators and the findings opened a real Pandora Box, involving some of the most respectable figures and brands in the industry.

The method used by all platforms reviewed is very similar. Once a site is shut down by authorities under the suspicion of committing fraud, its owners contact the platform under which it has been operating and open a barrage of new – squeaky clean – brands, run by the same scammers using the same code. It can be compared to the practice of money laundering, they are taking the flagged brand, and re-releasing it through their platform under a different name and different visual display – cleaning all of the warning signs that were rightfully associated with it – allowing the scams to continue seamlessly.

Special Series – Platforms of Evil

Over the next couple of weeks, we will publish a series of investigative reports on 4 of the biggest platforms currently operating in the market, unveiling the names and faces secretly allowing the scammers to operate freely providing them with a safe harbor. Their facilitation has to be stopped in order to allow the Binary Trading market to be as safe as possible for the investors’ sake. Unless these elements will be examined and reformed, we will not be able to clear the industry’s name from all of the scandals that have been connected to it over the years.

Due to the sensitive nature of the report, every piece of information that will be brought forward is backed up by numerous documents and testimonies collected and cross-examined carefully. We call on any involved party to come forward with any additional information and vow to provide any whistleblower with complete anonymity and protection.   

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