Where in the World is Ilan Tzorya?!

The international mastermind, facing charges in numerous European countries, vanished into thin air.


– the most notorious – Finleaks

How did one of the most notorious scammers in recent history manage to evade ? , the Israeli-born mastermind, has been nicknamed by officers who have been tracking his crimes for years as the ‘Smooth ’. Tzorya’s name is known to every investor and enthusiast following the world over the last years, as one of the most destructive forces to have plagued it, being personally involved in numerous scams defrauding investors of millions of dollars in his (, , , , ,  Solution Global, , , , , , , , ….and much more) .

The so-called ‘Smooth ’, known for his fashionable attire and smooth tongue, has been linked to some of the world’s most infamous crime families. A prodigy of ’s Musli family / gangd  (a family considered to be the crime-lords of for decades), he was sent off at a young age to develop their online businesses overseas. During the last decades, he has been involved in numerous . He owns and operates brothels in Eastern that have been linked to a ring of violent human traffickers, he conducted huge – rumoured to have been of the he has represented – operations in a number of European banks, used his criminal ties to extort investors and business owners and, finally, headed a number of fraudulent enterprises (some extremely complex, including tens of different companies, operating with no knowledge of the other companies in their ‘network’) that defrauded hundreds of thousands of investors of their hard earned money.

Essentially, he is considered to be the pioneer of the in , taking many of the practices that the has learned to expect from and introducing them into the world of and . He went on to (ab)use BTC to launder the money he earned in his criminal operations and the money of his criminal associates.

But now, after many years of posing as a respectable businessman, it seems like time is running out for Tzorya. Been asked for investigations in several European countries, the man is nowhere to be found. Since last appearing in a Trade Show in Cyprus, a few weeks ago (where he narrowly avoided ), he has vanished into thin air.

We urge our readers to keep an eye out for Tzorya (who has been using a barrage of different aliases to avoid detection and prosecution). If you are approached by him, or know of his whereabouts, please contact your local department at once.

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