Breaking! Tal Arad Managed All E&G Finances and Presided Over Dividend Split

Tal Arad was one of the top-ranking officials in E&G operations. The certified accountant was in charge of the group’s finances, alongside paying salaries and dividends from the proceeds of crime. Being  Ilan Tzorya’s close friend, family, and the CFO of the E&G network, Tal was more than just an employee.

He was among the chosen-few in Tzorya’s inner circle who understood how the entire fraud network operated from the first point the victims loaded the money into the fake brands’ websites using their cards to a point where the money reached Tzorya’s bank accounts.

Tal was also in charge of handling and distributing dividends split from the company’s profits. Unlike Gal Barak, who knew little about most of the hidden details of operations, Tal was right at the center of E&G operations, managing the most critical aspect of the business.

Tal Arad Managed All E&G Finances

Tal Arad was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a position that comes with great financial management responsibility. He took care of the financial flow from E&G brands to GMP BVI, the central recipient of the money from virtually all Ilan Tzorya’s businesses since it is 100% Tzorya-owned.

Being the parent company of the E&G group, Tzorya used the dividends to fund start-up call centers in the form of loans, which he would later recover after the new businesses take off. However, to conceal the criminal network’s way of operations, the money went through a series of accounts, including GAP, before finally getting to its destination.

According to reliable information gathered by our team, which we had mentioned in the previous article, Tal was in charge of all the finances and kept records of the money received into GMP BVI’s bank accounts, the payment service providers involved, the amount being cleared, as well as the duration taken for the funds to settle. All these details helped Tal Arad to maintain a proper working flow with the accounting team.

Tal Arad Presided over Dividends Distribution

Dividends distribution was one of the key responsibilities Tal Arad had. He worked out the profit from Ilan Tzorya’s owned businesses and partnerships and determined the dividends to individual group members.

According to an email conversation dated March 27, 2018, Tal Arad sent a mail to Ivana Arnaudova concerning “Golden market’s profit share phase 2.” Golden Markets was one of GMP BVI’s brands run and managed by Jake Mark.

“Hi, as we’ve agreed, we need to take out a dividend from golden markets accounts. Ivana – pls provide the current balance in the start market & cool market bank accounts as of today, and the expected expenses/settlement / GIB accounts for the next week,” wrote Tal Arad, giving directions over what should be done with the dividends. 

Tal also goes ahead and asks Jake to synchronize with Ivana concerning the expected expenses and verify the amounts for the members to agree on how the dividends should be shared out.

 “Jake – pls be synchronized with Ivana regarding the expected expenses and verify the amounts so we can agree on the dividend amount,” added Arad, showing how deeply he was involved in managing GMP BVI’s finances and also presided over dividend distributions.

Although roaming about freely, Tal Arad is one of Tzorya’s most trusted employees who handled Tzorya fraud businesses’ financial aspects and supervised the accounting team.

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