Another Ilan Tzorya’s Business Partner in Trouble!

Fraud And Money Laundering: Israel-based Prominent Businessman Arrested Alongside Seven Others In Fraud-Related Offences

Moshe Hogeg, one of the long-term Ilan Tzorya’s business associates, was arrested in the morning ( Thursday, November 18, 2021) alongside seven other individuals, following an undercover investigation by the police and tax authority in Israel.

According to the police statement, Hogeg and his colleagues are suspected of fraud and money laundering amounting to hundreds of millions of shekels. The police also revealed the main suspect was allegedly involved in a series of other fraud-related offenses, including sexual and moral crimes.

Based on the police report, the famous crypto businessman has a network of confidants, including two very former senior police officers, who are expected to be summoned by the police authorities.

A former state witness in one of Israel’s major affairs and the chairman of the company that developed the cryptographic currency were also detained concerning the alleged crime.

After months of complex investigations, “the transition to an open investigation, dozens of police officers from the Blade 433 unit raided the homes and businesses of 8 detainees and many detainees to gather evidence and seize exhibits related to the investigation,” said the police.

The police also stated that the suspects acted jointly and more systematically and deceived unsuspecting investors into joining seemingly profitable crypto ventures.

Through the illegal venture under investigation, the suspects raked in tens of millions of shekels each. The main suspect faces additional investigation for suspected sexual and moral offenses regarding the models he was in contact with. 

Meanwhile, a thorough multi-agency investigation is being conducted by YAHA in Lahav 433, the Tax Authority,  and the Securities Authority, in cooperation with the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Authority and the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office (criminal), together with the Tax and Economics Attorney’s Office. The suspects will be questioned at Lahav 433 offices and then transferred to Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court for further determination and hearing.

Behind-the-Scenes Show

Moshe Hogeg has been a close associate of the Internationally known crypto fraudster, Ilan Tzorya, indicted in Austria’s white-collar crimes around online scams, money laundering, and fraud involving fake binary options trade by a joint Austria-Germany prosecutor.

With many years in crypto and other online fraud, Tzorya uses a sophisticated fraud network behind the scenes and makes a colossal profit from joint ventures.

However, when the business reaches its apex performance, Tzorya pulls the plug and fixes his associates with the police using fabricated claims to allow him the chance to take over the company when the owners go to jail.

And without a doubt, Hogeg and his business are likely the latest victims of Tzorya’s nefarious character.  The fraudster could be using the same method to takeover Hogeg’s business when he finally goes to jail. Hogeg has been partnering with Tzorya’s DTIG Holding Ltd through his company known as IDC INVESTDOTCOM LIMITED for years. Due to their close ties, DTIG offered IDC INVESTDOTCOM a US $ 1million loan in 2017 at a 15% interest rate and domain as collateral.

During the Loan transaction with Tzorya’s DTIG, Moshe Hogeg was the signatory, as seen in the screenshot below.

Tzorya is famous for snitching his business partners to the law enforcement authorities with all types of fabricated accusations that would obstruct justice and make them appear guilty. 

After the accused goes to jail, Tzorya would take the opportunity to loot their brands and take over their businesses effortlessly through dubious means.

Tzorya has been using the dirty tactic for years, taking over his partners’ brands, like for the case of Uwe Lenhoff and gal Barak, all he had partnered with before designing their ultimate downfall.

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