Spanish police arrest 35 members of a criminal gang who committed over 1000 cybercrimes against local and foreign victims. On June 14, in Alicante, Spain, Spanish police forces arrested 35 members of an international criminal ring which allegedly counterfeited bank cards and laundered the money obtained through Bitcoin. According to the allegation made by the […]Continue Reading
British scammer who operated a fake Bitcoin trading platform, stealing $50 M from investors before disappearing, pleads guilty in a Brooklyn court. In a Brooklyn court British citizen Renwick Haddow, admitted to operating a fake bitcoin trading platform that defrauded thousands of investors worldwide, in an elaborate con that left him with more than $50 […]Continue Reading
South Korean Authorities Arrest 12 Men for Operating a Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Targeting the Elderly Authorities in South Korea, have exposed what may be one of the most elaborate financial criminal rings discovered in recent years. The Seoul Special Judicial Police Bureau for Public Safety arrested 12 people, who operated two synchronized companies, charging them […]Continue Reading