Breaking! Ilan Tzorya Was Fully In Incharge Of The Entire E&G Establishment & Operations

Apart from providing the resources, license, know-how, and sales agents that would kickstart the operations of the pan-European fraud network, our findings show Tzorya was at the top of the pyramid, overseeing all the processes.

From setting up of the websites to payment of the bills accruing from the operations of the entire network, the power to approve critical business operations rested on him. Not even Gal Barack—the co-owner of the business, could decide on how things were done. In most cases, Barak would only give suggestions and let Tzorya (the mastermind) decide what to be done, as evident in the evidence we’ll share later in this article. This is very ironic to the false information spread by Tzorya and his business partner Werner Boehm, claiming Barak was the soleowner of the massive E&G fraud.

Ilan Tzorya Oversaw the Entire E&G Establishment

Almost three months after the business proposal Tzorya made to Barak on March 26, 2015 (as shown in part 1 of this article), explaining how Barak would benefit from the deal without having to pay anything for a start, another email conversation proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Trozrya was indeed involved in the entire process.

The details of an email conversation between Tzorya, Barak, and a close confidant called Chavdar Samichkov on July 16, 2015, shows Tzorya was fully involved in the entire E&G establishment, with Ilan in full control of the entire process.

Based on the email conversation between the three in the afternoon of July 16, 2015, Tzorya asks Chavdar Samichkov how long it would take “to make a website for non-regulated countries (like OptionBit and Zoom),” and Samichkov responded by requesting for EOD to provide a more accurate update. (OptionBit and ZoomTrader are other frauds owned and runned by Tzorya) He also asks for the details of what will be regulated and one for the unregulated. Samichkov goes ahead and quotes five days, inclusive of testing. 

Shortly after Samichkov sent an email for Tzorya to give domain suggestions, Barak responded by giving domain suggestions ( – regulated, and unregulated) and telling Samichkov to wait for Tzorya’s approval.

After giving domain suggestions, Samichkov advised Barak to ensure they own the domain. Barak responds by telling Samichkov it was available. Therefore they could buy it. Tzorya’ approved the two domain names suggested by Barak, making them part of the fraud network.

It’s important to note that these two websites were among the major websites investigated by the joint German-Astria law enforcement team.

Tzorya Was Fully in Incharge of E&G Operations

Before being ushered into the fraud millionaires’ dynasty, Gal Barak was an innocent and law-abiding citizen with enthusiasm in legitimate business, shown by his efforts to open a supermarket in his hometown. He is a novice in the Forex trading, crypto,  and binary options industry. Therefore, Tzorya had to get everything done if any profit was to come by. As such, Tzorya became the ultimate godfather who was in charge of virtually everything while allowing Barak to carry out a few and simple operations.
Since the establishment in 2015, a dive deep into Tzorya’s email communications shows he’s still in full control of the E&G network and was funding all the expenses from his Tradologic business.
Tzorya kept a close watch over the businesses, with his ex-wife, whom he trusted so much with the business was responsible for the running of E&G and payment of all the expenses associated with the business from Tzorya’s Tradologic accounts, just as he promised Barak in the initial business deal.

While it’s evident Tzorya was the mastermind and the owner of the massive fraud operations, he points a blaming finger at Barak with reference to the brands he pioneered as “Barak’s Brands” and feeding the law enforcement with fabricated information in exchange for his freedom.

Using Others Partners As Scapegoats

Based on the concrete evidence discussed in this article and the previous pieces, Ilan Tzorya was the master and owner of the entire operation—from startup, payment of the employees, and other expenses to using the Tradologic platform to steal the victims’ money.

Gal Barak was just Ilan’s shield to divert attention and mislead investigators into holding Barak responsible for what he knew little about. Barak was just used as an icon by Tzorya to mint millions of Euros from the victims while walking scot-free.

In an Interview with Calcalistech correspondent, Gal Barak refuted the claims highly publicized by Tzorya’s business associate and the owner of Elfride Sixt and Werner Boehm, claiming he was the master of the entire fraud system established by Tzorya. Some people even referred to him as the “The Wolf of Sofia,” a common name given to the organizer and master of crime businesses.

“From the first moment, I did not deny or hide anything, and I also accepted the conviction. But I feel like a scapegoat. After all, this industry lives and kicks in every corner even today, and some of the unicorns that we hear about, under a shiny high-tech coat, were born out of it,”  lamented, expressing concerns why the mastermind of the entire scam was roaming free while his juniors faced tough jail terms.

Despite hiding behind others while partnering in crimes in a 50-50 share deal, the world should know Ilan Tzorya, Elfride Sixt, and Werner Boehm are the greatest fraudsters ever in the history of online scams and still operate freely with the scams they accuse others of fraud. Instead of using others as scapegoats, Ilan Tzorya should be held responsible for entire fraud endeavors such as E&G, Veltyco, and the FinTelegram-EFRI Moden Mafia that he pioneered and funded to reach his deviant ends.

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