More Hard Proof: E&G Network CFO Tal Arad Directs Money Laundering Schemes

It has become greatly concerning how certain criminal suspects are still living their lavish lives as if their extravagance is not financed by the hundreds of thousands of people they have defrauded in their lifetime. While this is not an uncommon occurrence, technology has made it even more difficult to serve them justice.

Police departments don’t usually have big budgets for stringent investigation processes which is why task forces or organizations are initiated by the government or by the people directly affected. Such is the case in an ongoing fraud scheme in Israel.

Tal Arad is no new name in news platforms. In fact, he has made headlines numerous times after being discovered as one of the MVPs in a rapidly growing fraud network. Until now, people are coming after him for playing a big role in the loss of their investments.

It seems, however, that Tal is unbothered by the noise. In a written report about him, it had been noted that he and his wife, who has her own separate record, have no clearance hits to their name. In other words, they are still considered innocent in the eyes of the authorities.

On the contrary, Tal is proven to be the money man of Ilan Tzorya—who is the big name that is responsible for the development of the extensive E&G network. In other words, Ilan is the owner of the network.

Tal is Ilan’s long-time CFO. He is responsible for moving money around in the network. As CFO, his major responsibilities also include activities related to the creation and execution of financial strategies. But more than that, he is Ilan’s closest confidante. He takes care of his flights, salaries, and other business affairs.

In the email below, Tal is being informed about the flow of laundered cash in Dynamic—a constituent of the network. It reads:

“Hi Tal

Attached is the cash position file. Note that, we don’t have the last two splits of amounts in Dynamic, also we don’t have reconciliations this week, so I didn’t add expectation amounts from PSP. I fill the known expenses in the excel. This week the report of cash position is not effective since we don’t have most of the information.”

As CFO, Tal is provided the full reports of every cent of the funds taken from their victims. He must know all the details; the exact amounts, where the funds are at, and which accounts they must travel through.

Clearly, Tal directs the money laundering activities. He is responsible for the success of the acquisition and hiding of the victim’s funds. His role in the network is key because he ensures the perpetrator avoids being connected with the crimes that gave rise to the criminal proceeds (known as predicate offenses) and the perpetrator(s) be able to use the proceeds as if they were of legal origin.

Tal has aided in the loss of thousands of investors. Money from investors’ savings and pension funds were swiped through various deceptive techniques. After the money is acquired, Tal will course the money (usually in several fractions) through bank accounts and/or other the brands involved until it becomes untraceable.

Tal also launders money through real estate. In his investigation files, it was mentioned that the home he resides in is one of the properties purchased with the said laundered funds. Aside from that, there are a number of others he bought with the help of Ilan and his wife.

As mentioned, Tal is walking as a free man. For as long as this remains, the process of retrieving the victims’ lost funds is strained as well as putting others at risk for fraud. More than that, Tal has not been served proper justice for his crimes.

The Finleaks Organization continuously works to raise awareness of these truths to pressure authorities to take action and to help in safeguarding others from being victimized. While no legal actions have been taken yet, the organization urges citizens to go through all kinds of precautionary measures to protect themselves. Although a lot of evidence has been found, no one knows the full extent of Tal’s crimes.

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