South Korea – Samsung to launch new Blockchain Phone

The tech giant will be the latest to release a device later in

has announced that it has built a new version of its 10 . The new device will allow its users to store cryptocurrencies directly on their phone.

The new device, which will be called the , will feature the same hardware and is supposed to be priced like all other Note 10 devices, but its unique software will support apps and wallets. The development of the new device was done in cooperation with messaging company Kakao which built a network called Klatyn that supports transactions. The new device is scheduled to be released – only in Korea at first – later this year.

new – Finleaks

is not the first phone manufacturer to develop a blockchain-based . launched the first of its kind, Exodus 1, earlier in . However, is the biggest player to enter this game and its sheer size and influence promise that its entrance will not go un-noticed. With the introduction of the new blockchain device, it is only a matter of time before its biggest competitors (, Huwei) will launch similar devices of their own, making the dream of an in every pocket closer than ever before.    

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