France – Domino’s Pizza Gives Away €100K in Bitcoin

The giants are offering their customers a new and revolutionary prize.

Everybody loves , but these days crypto enthusiasts have a new great reason to fall in love with Domino’s . As part of its 30th-anniversary celebrations, Domino’s France launched a special giveaway campaign. The campaign offers any buyers ordering from their website participation in a special raffle, whose winner will be awarded a whopping prize of €100,000!

Domino’s Gives Away €100K in

The special twist about the new campaign – for the first time the winner of the special prize can choose to redeem his prize in cash or in . This is the first time a chain of its recognition and public presence has offered such a prize in France in what appears to be another great stride towards full social legitimacy for .

Domino’s has been relatively active in the and realm. Earlier in 2019 Domino’s franchises in Malaysia and Singapore joined forces with , an exciting startup, in order to improve the companies’ supply chain and delivery operations. The new campaign is the franchise’s first appeal to the clients promoting .

We command Domino’s France for their revolutionary campaign and hope many other big companies will soon follow suit.

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