GMP BVI: The Mother Of E&G And Its Brands

Global Media Partners BVI, also known as the GMP BVI, is the ultimate vehicle Ilan Tzorya used to establish the E&G outfit and its brands, which the FinTelegram mafia team never mentioned in a series of articles they published to make Gal Barak pay for Ilan Tzorya’s fraud venture.

Despite the glaring truth, Werner Boehm and his life partner Elfriede Sixt never mentioned Tzorya’s leadership and ownership of GMP BV, which he established with Gal Barak under a 50-50 percent revenue share deal.

Just like he did with the DTI to set up a cloned version known as DTIG, Tzorya set up GMP BVI to suit his financial greed and lured Gal Barak into being the iconic owner of the venture while he {Tzorya} controlled everything behind the scenes—from the establishment to its operations.

Ilan Tzorya: The Mastermind of GMP BVI and E&G

Although E&G has received broader media coverage as Gal Barak’s brands due to the highly distorted perception created by the FinTelegram group to divert attention from the absolute master of the GMP BVI and E&G, our in-depth investigation traces everything back to Ilan Tzorya. And so was the joint German-Austria investigation, which named him a mastermind of the so-called Barak and Lenhoff brands.

Ilan Tzorya, in coordination with Delzar Khalaf, Milena Kabadzhova, and other close confidants, established GMP BVI, a company that funded the entire E&G network. And the entire venture ended up in a widespread outcry from thousands of victims who were scammed through fake trading platforms created by Tzorya.  

According to a secret email conversation between Ilan and Delzar, Ilan told Delzar he wanted to build GMP BVI for IPO, showing clearly how Tzorya was the mastermind of a pan-European fraud network.

The above email chat for February 15, 2017, vividly shows how Tzorya was on top of everything and Gal Barak was just a strawman. From the screenshot details, Tzorya suggested building GMP BVI and directed Delzar on the agreements with other brands and how to handle the company shares. Tzorya also added the company activities would be legal.

In a separate email chat, we captured Milena Kabadzhova, one of Ilan Tzorya’s mafia at GMP BVI, emphasizing they were to start paying the directors once the hard copies were ready.

The secret email chats show how everything was carefully organized FOR Gal Barak, not BY him, leaving him only to be the business frontier, as Ilan and his hell-bent crew took complete control of the company.

In the email conversations between Delzar and Ilan, it’s clear that Gal Barak isn’t one of the high-profile decision-makers in GMP BVI despite calling GMP BVI Gal’s company. Delzar discussed every company detail with Ilan, while Gal Barak only received email copies showing him the decisions made by Ilan and Delzar, with no room for his input.

After discussing with Delzar and deciding on a course of action, Ilan instructed Delzar to tell Gal Barak to remove the travel reports to other companies to make the reports look good and relevant.

Apart from being the CFO of the E&G, Delzar Khalaf is one of Ilan Tzorya’s top confidants working together with him at Krypton company. Delzar is still working with Ilan and handles the company’s finances.

The BARAK Brands Fallacy

Ilan Tzorya and his fraudsters team worked smartly to ensure he ran GMP BVI and E&G behind the scenes while painting a misleading image of BARAK brands to make Gal Barak look evil. Surprisingly, Ilan’s mafia team’s widely touted BARAK brands were masterminded and fully operated by Ilan Tzorya himself.

Based on a huge cache of evidence from the Austrian investigators and our reliable whistle-blowers, it’s beyond any reasonable doubt Ilan Tzorya was on top of everything and used strawmen like Barak to escape fraud charges and arrests.

Although Tzorya seemed to be getting away with absurd fraud scandals and illegal business ventures, it was until 2021 that the Austrian prosecution established Ilan Tzorya as one of the prime criminal suspects in the E&G fraud and the mastermind of the entire operation that ripped through western and eastern Europe, handing thousands of victims massive losses.

After endless stealing from unsuspecting victims, Tzorya amassed massive wealth in real estate and other industries, making him a crypto billionaire, according to one of the articles published by Forbes India. While Tzorya has been at the centre of many online frauds powered by his Tradologic platform, he has always used his strawmen as scapegoats.

He snitches them to the authority with fabricated claims and escapes arrest. Tzorya has also established a complex network of close confidants, companies, and brands that allows him to run the business behind the scenes, despite being the mastermind.

And with his partners at the FinTelegram, Tzorya wages information war with his former business partners, tarnishing their names and businesses by accusing them of large-scale fraud and demonizing their brands.

Barak or Tzorya’s Brands?

According to the burden of proof in our custody, the so-called Barak brands are purely TZORYA’s brands camouflaged as Barak brands. Tzorya owned and had absolute control of the GMP BVI and did the same to the entire E&G network.

Despite being the mastermind, Ilan Tzorya has always denied being involved in the E&G operations during his interrogations with the Austrian police. And used FinTelegram to publish many articles with falsified information intended at distorting his adversaries’ public image. From the email conversation screenshots we’ve shared in this article, and previous exposes, it’s clear Ilan Tzorya is the master of E&G and its brands. And Gal Barak was nothing but a strawman who acted under instructions from Tzorya and his powerful confidants.

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