No One is Safe from the Attacks of Ilan Tzorya, Not Even His Own Business Partners

Money is Everything to Ilan Tzorya

They say it’s dog eat dog in the business world where the competition is so fierce, people are willing to harm each other in order to succeed. The fraud business is no exception. Even the closest of colleagues whose trust is supposedly the foundation of the operative cannot always be relied on—most especially when their own well-being is put on the line.

Such is the case with the relationship of some of the most notorious criminals, Ilan Tzorya and his employees. Being in the fraud business puts your freedom on the line—and when it is, you work only with people you can trust with your entire being. But what can you expect from criminals? Apparently, not trust.

Ilan Tzorya is the owner of Tradologic and one of the head operators of the large fraud enterprise surrounding it. The enterprise is where it is today because of the man and his trusted colleagues. More accurately, colleagues who mistakenly trusted him with their lives.

There have been several known instances where Ilan Tzorya sacrificed his own people to save himself from apprehensions and, of course, to be able to continue selfishly building his own riches through his illegal business.

In the series of emails below, we can see a very interesting back and forth between Tzorya and Milena. Milena asks for her salary from BizDev, another brand participating in Tzorya’s criminal network, which is then supposedly approved.

Tzorya chimes in the thread and demands for her and another colleague, Delzar, to be each penalized with a 1,500 euro salary deduction. The reason? His name was accidentally visible on a domain that was out to expose him—an accident that falls under their scope of responsibility.

Milena, Tzorya’s Long-Time Criminal Partner


Milena is one of Tzorya’s closest colleagues. She was the force behind many of the criminal activities committed. She organized payments, transferred funds, opened fraudulent companies and found and hired people that filled various important positions.

She runs BizDev Holdings LTD, a principal participant in the scheme. It’s a shell company conveniently registered in the Seychelles, used to funnel funds to various criminal brands within Tzorya’s crime ring.

The company is known to provide legal aid, advice services, bank accounts, and other services essential to helping aspiring scam artists get their scam businesses started. After these criminals avail of Tradologic’s software, they make their stop at BizDev to solidify their now existing system.

A close colleague and an important contributor to the network indeed. Although she worked individually, she still worked towards the same goals Tzorya did. Despite this, Tzorya remained unforgiving and punished her in a heartbeat—like how he normally is with his other co-workers.

Milena’s Response

Milena was not happy about Tzorya’s decision, to say the least. As seen in her response, she defended herself in an attempt to convince Tzorya of the incident as not of her doing. Despite the two’s supposedly vital role in each other’s careers and long-time relationship as co-workers, Tzorya was quick to throw her under the bus for a minor oversight that could have ruined his name.

As previously discussed, Milena has a wide scope of responsibility in the network. It goes without saying that with greater responsibility comes greater chances of messing up. Tzorya was quick to point fingers without giving her the chance to provide any clarification or explanation.

“Payment Service Providers”

The thread shows the mention of “PSP”s—it stands for “Payment Service Providers.” What exactly is it? PSPs are third-party companies that help business owners accept a wide range of online payment methods. Online banking, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and cash cards, are only some of them. Basically, they make sure your transactions make it from point A to point B, safely and securely.

PSPs see to it that transactions are completed — from the start, when a customer enters their details and initiates a payment, to finish, when you receive it.

More and more payment options have become available for customers to make online payments, making them more convenient than ever. Due to this trend, any business, like their money laundering business, can benefit massively from offering multiple payment options to its customers. Through PSPs, the fake trading brands involved in the enterprise are able to take payments a lot easier from their victims.

As a true criminal act, Tzorya makes sure to hide his name from PSPs and then frames his employees and partners to keep his name untainted. These trusted colleagues are then bound to jail yet he proceeds by saying he has nothing to do with it—no remorse, whatsoever.

Up to this day, PSPs remain to be a vital instrument in the circulation of funds in Tzorya’s criminal network. The reason Tzorya is so keen in keeping his name untainted with regards to PSPs is so he can continue using them to efficiently take people’s money.

It’s clear that Tzorya is willing to put others in danger for the sake of his own safety and well-being. This is why we must stay as far away from criminals as possible because to them, money is absolutely everything. Money is worth more to them than the lives of others.


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