Tzorya’s Criminal Gang: Onecriminal Lawyer Representing Ilan Tzorya, Werner Boehm, And Elfriede Sixt Shows How Close The Criminal Gang Works Together

Ilan Tzorya, Werner Boehm and Elfriede Sixt are almost inseparable criminal partners that have worked together for years in their usual business—scams, online fraud around binary options trade, investor fraud, money laundering, and extortion.
While someone may think they work independently, the three have interconnected criminal networks complete with software, fraudulent websites, and offices in at least five countries in Europe. But, that’s not all—the international fraudsters have also been indicted in multiple-case criminal activities.
Starting with Werner Boehm, the prime suspect in the YLine’s Scandal, together with his life & crime partner, Elfriede Sixt, who were also convicts of a Canadian court during the BitRush scandal, the three are nothing but extortionists at FinTelegram, and serial criminals the world should fear. And in fact, they’ve also been indicted by the Austrian prosecution due to their role in YLine’s woes and imminent collapse.
However, Ilan Tzorya, who boasts of a crypto millionaire, is in a trap following an indictment filed against him at Vienna for money laundering and online fraud. This came after joint Austria-Germany prosecutors established that Tzorya allegedly scammed more than 4500 victims, about EUR 10 million.

A screenshot showing the number of money Tzorya defrauded his victims
A screenshot showing the number of money Tzorya defrauded his victims
Source: Austria Central Public Prosecution For Commercial Prosecution And Corruption

Following his indictment, Ilan Tzorya has to work around, as usual, to ensure he at least escapes imprisonment in case he’s found guilty. But, there’s something more striking in his preparation for a state-level prosecution that could result in serious ramifications of brands as well as compensation of the victims of his fraud.

Based on the details gathered by our team, the lawyer representing Tzorya in the upcoming case is the same senior counsel who represented Werner Boehm and his partner Elfriede Sixt in the YLine case, where he was the prime suspect and later found guilty.

Dr Oliver Scherbaum has been taking care of the three criminals’ cases and is now preparing for Tzorya’s upcoming court in Vienna. According to the evidence retrieved by our team from confidential sources, Tzorya instructs his accountntant to transfer some money from GIA, a company that Tzorya owns 100%, that also own the scam platform Tradologic of Tzroya. The lawyer frequently defending the serial criminals is a clear indication of deep ties with the criminal gang. Since the three have been involved in online scams and scandals, where do the legal fees for the lawyer come from? The answer is pretty apparet: victims money.

Basically, the money Tzorya’s attorney receives comes from a company (GIA) connected to the fraudulent Tradologic company. Therefore, the lawyer could also be part of Tzorya’s complex chain of associates running the illegal businesses.

According to reliable sources, GIA is the mother company of the most popular Tradologic company that sent their customers sliding into multimillion losses due to the manipulative capabilities of software patented by Tzorya.

Being one of the smartest crypto and binary options scammers, Tzorya would always have a chain of confidants surrounding him—from law enforcement to legal experts whose work is to avert any potential legal threat that comes after defrauding their customers.

Tzorya also tends to obstruct justice by clearing any evidence left after massive scams yield fruit. Ilan is also known for fixing his adversaries with the law enforcement units for a possible arrest and prosecution over scandals and fraud networks he himself masterminded. 

While Tzorya is one of the shareholders at FinTelegram through his Krypton Publishing LTD, Werner Boehm doesn’t announce their partnership in public since Tzorya is facing a number of investigations related to crypto and binary options trade. Therefore, they choose to cooperate behind the scenes to avoid spilling the beans to the world. But is their association still a secret?

According to reliable sources, Tzorya is one of the persons with significant control (PSC) of FinTelegram, owning more than 25% of the company’s shares.

 Krypton Publishing LTD

With Tzorya’s having more than 25% shares in Werner Boehm’s Company (FinTelegram), that alone grants him a massive opportunity to use the outfit in most of his extortion businesses.

Tzorya's more than 25% shares in Werner Boehm's Company

Besides that, Elfriede Sixt has been Boehm’s partner in life and crime for many years. She cooperated with Boehm in the YLine’s case and BitRush scandal that led to both being charged by a Canadian court. Currently, they are co-owners of the fake financial intelligence news platform, Fintelegram.

Sixt is also the founder of the European Fund Recovery Initiative(EFRI), a company pretending to help the victims of fraud and online scams recover their lost investments and scam them again. But, wait, who’s behind the massive scams and online fraud? It all boils down to Tzorya.  With that in mind, the three closely work together in their criminal venture, though behind the scenes.

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