Israel – Top Hacker Arrested for Stealing $100M in BTC

Former top military hacker arrested for hacking into accounts stealing $100M in Bitcoin, police now believes it may well be the tip of the iceberg

Israeli Authorities have confirmed that they have arrested a former Israeli military hacker, for breaking into numerous accounts and stealing $100M in Bitcoin. The authorities arrested the main suspect, and his brother, last week, but the courts prevented the press from covering it, a ban which was partially lifted on June 23rd 2019.

The hacker, whose name still remains undisclosed to the public, was a member of an elite technological unit in the Israeli military, which has been speculated to be spearheading Israel’s hacking missions. Former colleagues have described him as an absolute ‘computer wiz’, and stated that he was very well renowned among his peers.

Former top military hacker arrested for hacking

According to sources within the police (as first reported by Israeli news site Ynet) the hacker and his brother were suspected at first of defrauding innocent users by distributing links that appeared to be a download links, when in fact they served to access the users personal data, which was used in turn to break into their accounts and e-wallets and steal their money. The prime suspect has confessed to this accusation, claiming he has stolen ‘merely hundreds of thousands of dollars’ rather than the $100M he is suspected of stealing.

However, upon further investigation, the Israeli Police are currently under the impression that these thefts were in fact a part of a much wider hacking operation which is likely to be of significantly greater magnitude possibly affecting thousands of victims worldwide. The Israeli authorities are currently working with various police forces around the world in order to ascertain the scope of his operation, the exact number of victims and the sums stolen. The suspects were remanded in custody until the investigation will be completed.

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